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Major Projects Need Not Mean Major Headaches

It’s tough enough for facility managers to keep buildings up and running without also managing a big renovation, addition, capital equipment or any big project. But there’s no need to reach for the aspirin bottle if you plan ahead and prepare to handle the inevitable challenges and potential problems.

A panel of experts shared their insights to help facility managers juggle such projects without dropping any balls. Nearly 70 members and guests attended the panel discussion on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at Ameren.

Lisa Sombart, PE, President and CEO of William Tao & Associates and a member of the program committee, moderated the discussion. Panelists were: Scott Held, CFM, Manager of Building Services at Ameren Corp.; JD Long II, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning and Management at Washington University; and          Craig A. Miller Sr., Director, Facilities Planning and Management at Webster University.

Panelists discussed techniques for delegating, decision-making, overcoming unforeseen challenges, building consensus and setting up teams to successfully manage facilities during major projects.

The evening also included hearty congratulations to Chris Laughman, Past President, for earning his Facility Management Professional (FMP) credentials. This added to Chris’ commitment to the profession since he already holds several other designations:

Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) and LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (LEED AP O+M). Try putting that on a business card!

Two of our members also received $50 gift cards for their efforts in recruiting new members – Frank Merrins, Past President, and Kristin Stolz with Millipore Sigma.

Special thanks to our panelists and Lisa for an informative look at ways to keep that aspirin bottle handy but perhaps in the desk drawer. We also appreciate the hospitality of Ameren.