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Keeping Valuable Systems Secure

Technology enables every facility manager to do more and keep buildings running more smoothly. But danger lurks in cyberspace as hackers find vulnerabilities in networks. Just ask anyone affected by high-profile data breaches at numerous companies such as Equifax, Yahoo and Home Depot. Yes, even libraries have been held hostage by unscrupulous hackers who demand a ransom to unlock their systems. Today’s technology makes every company a target.

Protecting your company’s systems demands vigilance, notes Larry McClain, director of digital forensic services for SpearTip LLC. McClain discussed the threats and necessary steps to protect vital systems and information at the Jan. 17 program on Cybersecurity.

Held at Webster University’s Arcade campus in downtown St. Louis, McClain outlined the adversaries, the threat landscape, protection methods and executive accountability as key information and components in cybersecurity. A 23-year veteran in law enforcement and computer forensics, he also presented case histories on business email compromises and ransomware demanded from hackers.

More than 60 members and guests attended the program. Special thanks to Craig Miller, a member who works for Webster University, for providing a great venue for this program. The evening was capped with a tour of the impressive Webster University art department housed in the Arcade campus.