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IFMA St. Louis Chapter Linkedin Policy Statement

Prime uses of Linkedin include  -

As an open forum to discuss knowledge, request referrals, and in general review common interests related to Facilities Management

As a tool for the Chapter to provide information on upcoming events, knowledge programs, career-related postings and searches.

There is a request to join on the main page site. Upon making the request, the user will receive an automatic response that the request is in review.

The site is governed by the same statements and rules as Chapter meetings, i.e., that the site is for professional use, and that blatant over marketing or overzealous use may result in expulsion from the site. The following are the simple group rules posted on the site:

Business Etiquette (including social media such as this site)

“IFMA events are learning and/or networking events.  We encourage you not to use IFMA events as selling events. Meet and network with other members and follow-up with people that might be interested in your product or service at an appropriate time.  Be prepared to cultivate a relationship, not a sale.  Be a resource to building members.”