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Renew Missouri is proud to announce the Renew STL Solar program, offering solar for commercial and non-residential customers! We are working with numerous partners from the St. Louis region to make this program a viable tool for revitalizing the region, expand the solar workforce, and help building owners create revenue and invest in their properties during the COVID crisis. 
This innovative new program design is the first of its kind. Like the GROW Solar STL program for residential customers, Renew STL Solar is a "group buy" program, meaning that installation prices improve when customers can pool their projects with other similarly-situated organizations. In addition, through our Customer Volume Discount, we are offering rebates greater financial benefits as more customers participate. Essentially, this program will allow building owners to install solar and begin saving money immediately, potentially with no upfront cost! 
Beyond the financial upside of solar, our program offers additional values and benefits: 1) Renew Missouri can educate building owners about solar in a way that simplifies the decision-making process and avoids the usual sales tactics; 2) customers can get a quality estimate from our installer partner StraightUp Solar, a successful local solar company that you can trust to be there for maintenance and troubleshooting for the life of customers' systems; 3) by taking advantage of the program's special financing, customers can avoid upfront costs and create immediate savings, freeing up revenue for their organizations to weather the COVID 19 crisis; 4) companies and organizations can enjoy PR exposure by being part of the inaugural cohort of this new program, alongside regional leaders in the commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, and municipal sectors; and 5) the program can help organizations meet their sustainability goals by getting some or all of their electricity from the sun, helping to protect the health of our people and our environment.
We hope to announce some of the early adopters of the program very soon. Please contact Andrew Linhares ([email protected]) to take the next steps today!
Program Audience: small businesses, large retail and industrial buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, and municipalities. 
Program Footprint: The Greater St. Louis Metro area, including: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Madison County, Monroe County, and St. Clair County.
Program Timeline: Round 1 of this program will take place throughout 2020. Customers who begin installations before the end of the year will reserve their ability to take advantage of the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
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Sustainability Board Liaison - 

Tauquincy Neal, SFP, FMP
Facilities and Logistics Manager
St. Charles City-County Library
[email protected]