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Prescription for Workplace Change

Facility managers face the challenge of finding the right space to meet the ever-changing needs of their workers and companies. Express Scripts presents an interesting perspective on doing just that, with the support of Arcturis.

More than 50 members and guests received some powerful information on that challenge. Held on Wednesday, July 18, the sold-out program on The Impact of Workplace Change provided an inside look at what it takes to implement and execute an ongoing strategy to shape the office workspace for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Katie McFarland, Senior Director of Corporate Real Estate Strategy, Planning & Execution at Express Scripts, and Michelle Rotherham, Director of Interior Design at Arcturis, shared their insights on the company’s efforts to stay ahead of the game. McFarland and Rotherham discussed their strategy and processes behind the company’s office campus on the grounds of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. They also outlined metrics designed to evaluate those changes and to see what may need to be finetuned.

Chief among their perspectives was an understanding that facility managers need to review the good along with the bad as they implement workplace strategy and changes. A collaborative team needs to review the success and apply lessons learned along the way, McFarland and Rotherham noted. The ultimate goals: Ensure that changes impact company morale, recruitment, retention, productivity and space optimization.

The case study on The Impact of Workplace Change came to life as well with a tour of the building.

Many thanks to our speakers and chapter members Cathie Funderberg with Express Scripts and Julie Keil with Arcturis for arranging the program. Of course, we owe gratitude to Express Scripts for graciously hosting the event and to Arcturis for its sponsorship.