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Recycle with a Purpose

Tired of storing those old desks, chairs, computers and more? Have waste from a construction project or equipment replacement? Don’t want to add to landfills?

There’s a solution with an even higher purpose. Our chapter has partnered with Operation Food Search to turn Furniture and Metal to Food in a unique recycling program.

Becker Iron & Metal or Warehouse of Fixtures will pick up your old furniture and metal and remove the materials that can be recycled and repurposed. A share of the proceeds then goes to Operation Food Search, an organization that helps feed 200,000 people in our region every month.

The need to feed people is great, even more so during these challenging times. Be a part of the solution. You avoid the storage fees. You save time and labor. You keep all that waste out of our landfills. And, most importantly, you help feed the hungry.

Join the fight to help your neighbors while cleaning out your facility. For more information, contact Skip Spielberg, OFS Board Member, at (314) 568-2320 or [email protected], or Erin Wright of OFS at (314) 451-1952 or [email protected].