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Water Management: An Area Where Facility Managers Can Save Money

Water is a valuable resource. Many regions have an ongoing issue with water shortages and droughts while other areas have occasional dry spells. Here are a few tips from the pros on how you can save water and reduce costs.

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Designing for Employee Engagement

Here in St. Louis we are used to our strong storms and rainy weather in the spring. I find it interesting how people around me are affected by any kind of weather, sun, all day rains, and snow. You’ve probably read by now the Designing an Emotionally...

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Capitalizing on Lower Asphalt Prices

2015 kicked off with some great news for long-neglected commercial parking lots and roads – the drop in oil prices drove down the cost of hot-mix asphalt by as much as 30 percent since October 2014. But while now is the time to consider pavement....

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