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Professional Development

Facility Management Core Competencies

IFMA conducts a global job task analysis to identify the tasks and work acti - vities needed to competently perform the FM role by interviewing FM professionals from around the world. The core competencies are

  • Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability
  • Finance and Business
  • Occupancy and Human Factors
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Performance and Quality
  • Real Estate
  • Facility Information Management and Technology Management

Credentials (CFM, FMP, & SFP)

IFMA offers many ways for you to learn! The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designation is available to members, as well as the Facility Management Professional (FMP) & Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) designations. 

The St. Louis Chapter currently has 26 Certified Facility Managers (CFM), 22 Facility Management Professionals (FMP) and 6 Sustainability Facility Professionals (SFP).  

For more information, contact Michael Wright, CFM  Education Credential Chair at

In addition, the St. Louis Chapter provides financial support to members that sit for the various exams.  Michael Wright, CFM, can discuss this benefit with members as well.

Certified Facility Manager Certification -

To accomplish its vision of universally representing facility management as a profession, IFMA is proud to offer the first certification program designed specifically to recognize competent facility professionals. Certification is structured to tap into the experience and educational backgrounds of facility managers and test for professional competence. It is the backbone of the profession’s integrity and international recognition.

Since the program began in 1992, approximately 3,500 facility professionals around the world have achieved certification. By earning the CFM designation, they receive recognition for their expertise in the field and obtain the credibility and prestige they deserve.
Earn your CFM.

For more information on becoming a CFM, contact Michael Wright, CFM, Education Credential Chair at

Click here for a list of chapter CFMs

Facility Management Professional Program -

IFMA’s FMP designation is a knowledge-based credential demonstrating a proven comprehension of the basics of facility management. A springboard for obtaining certification, the Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation can be completed in approximately 12 months, and FMP candidates may customize their training to build the specific knowledge they need to meet individual goals.

We recommend that those planning to participate in the FMP program meet one of the following criteria:

  • Facility management practitioners with less than five years of experience
  • Transitioning professionals with significant experience in former related careers
  • Partner practitioners such as architects, designers and safety engineers
  • Associated corporate providers of FM products and services
  • Students entering the profession from colleges, universities, certificate or technical programs

Earn your FMP.

For more information on becoming a FMP, contact Michael Wright , CFM, Education Credential Chair at

Click here for a list of chapter FMPs

Sustainability Facility Professional -

The Sustainability Facility Professional credential will help you operate your facility sustainably and positively impact your triple bottom line.

IFMA’s SFP® is an assessment-based certificate program delivering a specialty credential in sustainability. By earning your SFP credential, you will develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices while affecting your organization’s economic, environmental, and social bottom lines.

IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) is designed for all FM and like-minded professionals with an interest in sustainable practices.

SFP candidates will need a foundational knowledge of facility management to successfully complete the program. The SFP credential is ideal for:

  • Facility management practitioners with a baseline of FM industry knowledge.

  • FM professionals with proven experience transitioning into sustainability related positions.

  • Related industry practitioners such as architects, designers and safety engineers.

  • Facility-related product and service providers.

  • LEED-certified professionals seeking complementary knowledge and GBCI certification maintenance hours.

  • CFMs and FMPs interested in expanding their depth of expertise in the area of sustainable facility management.

Earn your SFP

For more information on becoming a SFP, contact Michael Wright, CFM at

Click here for a list of Chapter SFPs


  • Chapter Sustainability Committee Members

    Emily Sarvies with 4m Building Solutions
    Keegan Corrigan with Entegrity Energy Partners, LLC
    Jim Widman with Veritiv Corporation
    Kevin Bollman, C & R Mechanical 

Sustainability Snip It
Go Solar And Save!

Ameren’s Smart Energy Plan in Missouri includes $28 million in solar rebates. Homes and businesses can apply for the rebates starting on Nov. 1, 2018, with rebates for qualifying customers available on Jan. 1, 2019.

This exciting news also comes when solar is at lowest cost ever! Federal tax credits provide 30 percent with full depreciation during the first year. This brings cost reductions up to 47 percent! Add another great opportunity since Ameren offers a $.050/W incentive, which knocks off another 25 percent or so of the cost.

Commercial clients can purchase a 25-year power plant for up to 72 percent off its retail cost. The payback period for this investment is less than five years. Residential clients can expect cost reductions around 55 percent with system paybacks under 10 years.

There’s no better time than now to reach out to your IFMA St. Louis Energy Services partners to find out more about solar. Learn how smart energy can help your company’s bottom line while you also benefit the environment with a sustainable resource.

Sustainability Chair -  Keegan Corrigan @